Ways to Choose the Best Subwoofer Size

Within it, one can find a moderately large driver, something that actually produces sound, and the amp that empowers it. To make the device perform in the best fashion, the driver must have some space within the cabinet behind this. On a general note, a driver of around twelve inches can be expected to have a fair size box. There are also the eight inches drivers available, but their box size is obviously a bit smaller.

Best recommended size of driver:
Box sizes are given so much importance as these play the most crucial part in generating sound. The sound waves of the bass are quite long in comparison with the conventional sound waves. Hence, the driver often has to put some added effort for generating those waves in desired volume that someone prefers in general. One can use 12 inches driver for better results, though the fifteen inch editions are preferred for high-end purposes. In fact, some subwoofers even come up with numerous drivers.

Interesting here is to mention that having a couple of drivers of six inches each, can’t really meet the level of a single twelve inch driver. Undoubtedly, a single 12 inches driver is a better performer in comparison with the two six inches idea.

Boosting the power efficiency is also one of the frequently tried methods for improving the subwoofer performance. It is essential to depend upon more power with diminishing size of the drivers and cabinets. Here the power balances the size factor of the device. In fact, with boosted power, an eight inches sub in a small cabin could generate equivalent sound as of a twelve inches sub within a large box, upon being offered with sufficient power.

To generate greater sound:
Proper positioning of the subwoofer is extremely important for significant power generation. It is recommended always to have the sub against the wall for generation of decent sound. If you want more volume from the subwoofer, place the sub at the corner. However, such positioning may not guarantee you about the best bass effects. But yes, it definitely generates greater sound, something that most people want from their subwoofers.

How best positioning generates best bass effect:
You can enjoy a better bass effect from your subwoofer simply by sitting at a central position inside the room, and asking someone to adjust the sub, so that you can ensure when it produces the best effect. Anyway, the best result can be experienced if the sub is placed exactly at your hearing position. It means if you are sitting on a chair, the sub position should be equivalent with your ear level. Naturally, you can set the subwoofer size based on that. To make things even better, just empty the wall behind, and shift towards the wall to realize its best effect.