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The 5 Types Of Female Urinary Incontinence

Not everyone is comfortable talking about this subject but, female urinary incontinence is a serious matter and affects millions of lives. It can also make you not thinking of going out as you are always looking for bathrooms. It disrupts sleep, falls from rushing to bathroom and even cause skin irritation whether you believe it or not. There are different types of it at the same time and following are some of it.

Number 1. Urge incontinence – you know that you have this in the event that you are experiencing big leaks at the most unexpected moments involuntarily, including when you are sleeping. Not only that, you might have the urgency to void. The good news is, it can be treated naturally, assuming that you do not have any neurological condition similar to multiple sclerosis, spinal cord injuries or dementia.

Number 2. Stress incontinence – this is when you are experiencing leaks of small amounts of urine when you sneeze, cough, jump or laugh. This is very treatable even without taking drugs or even surgery, assuming that you do not have neurological condition as what mentioned above. Some of the common causes of it are pregnancy and weak pelvic floor musculature.

Number 3. Mixed incontinence – you can expect that you have this female urinary incontinence if you do have stress and urge incontinence. Some of the common causes include sedentary lifestyle, disuse atrophy of urogenital anatomy or weak pelvic floor muscles and non specific engagement of muscle innervations or not doing any specific exercises correctly for such area. Truth is, this condition can be treated even without taking drugs or surgery.
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Number 4. Overflow incontinence – this is basically the sudden leak as a result of full bladder. This takes place even without physical movement and some causes of it are fecal impaction or dry stool that can’t pass out of your system, weak detrusor muscle or muscles that form the wall of bladder.
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Number 5. Functional incontinence – leakage due to the inability to reach toilet due to traumatic brain injuries and dementia and/or physical disabilities is the main reason for this. This female urinary incontinence isn’t treatable and in case that a person has such condition, they are the ones who have to make use of pads and adult diapers.

Among the unknown risks for urinary incontinence is falls from rushing to bathroom and/or falling on urine leaks. As what mentioned by experts, the risk of falling can increase that may result to fractures due to nocturia, rushing to bathroom to avoid episodes of urge incontinent episodes and urinary frequency. In regards to this, appropriate treatment and early diagnosis of urge incontinence might decrease the risk of fractures.