Some Song Titles That Could Serve As Newspaper Headlines

President Trump has had so far a somewhat contentious relationship with various members of the media, although that situation has been true of many men who have sat in the Oval Office. He has also been a celebrity, another occupation that often leaves people cynical toward the media.

Add musicians and recording artists to the list of those who frequently dispute with members of the press, dating as far back as the Sixties. John Lennon, even more than the three other members of The Beatles, repeatedly bantered with reporters.

One of Lennon’s biggest musical influences, Bob Dylan, occasionally turned his distaste for reporters into songs. “Ballad of a Thin Man” from Highway 61 Revisited is an obvious example, where Dylan lashes out at a fictional journalist he calls Mr. Jones.

Dylan even on one occasion insulted a colleague by calling him a reporter, according to legend. While traveling with fellow folk singer Phil Ochs, Dylan berated the protest singer by saying he was not a songwriter but a journalist.

Ochs did often write songs about current

This is History Of Music From Grunts To Guitars

Where did music begin, and where is it going? The answers are surprising. There is a modern movement leading humanity back to the music it first created tens of thousands of years ago. A conflicting movement is creating ever more complex sounds, and creating a world of smaller audiences for more musicians.

Before humanity could write, and even before they could speak, rhythm and single tones were used to communicate. The song of a bird may have inspired a prehistoric man to mimic and improve on the noise. Evidence of prehistoric music is sparse, since there was no language to describe the sound to descendants. Drumming objects and mimicking are considered to be the first “music”. This continued with words being added as speech was discovered.

After the development of writing, music became more refined. Crafted instruments were added. Harmonies were created. Pipes, flutes, basic stringed instruments, and similar tools were used to create the first sounds that modern man could easily recognize as music. The oldest known song is over 4000 years old, written in cuneiform, and uses

About Austin Live Music Genres

The Austin live music scene (and by Austin we mean Austin, Texas) is one that is generally held up as a beacon for other musician-heavy cities trying to build industries around people gigging and those going out to gigs. After, Austin has been noted as being “the live music capital of the world”, and there’s a good reason for that. The city has been an embodiment of the utopian spirit that musicians have flocked to for decades. Couple that with a population that is always listening for the next big star, and you have the makings of a combustible music scene that is ready to go off almost any night.

Still, sifting through the number of solo acts and bands that move through the corridors of Texas’ capital city can be a little overwhelming even for the grizzled music “lifer” who feels they have a grasp on what types of music are in Austin.

For starters, you have to take into consideration the geographic location of Austin. Nestled along a string of major interstates that lead into

How to Finding Bars With Live Music

So, the end of the week is upon you, and somehow you’ve done nothing to prepare for an evening out on the town. It may seem like an impossible task to throw together a great night out when you’re up against it in terms of time, but instead of fretting, quickly ask, “Are there any bars with live music near me?” At a time when streaming music is the cool way to hear your favorite artists or discover new ones, why wouldn’t live music be at the top of your list when it comes to having a great time out?

No matter the stellar quality of your home stereo set-up, nothing beats the blissful assault of your senses by a live band laying it on the line for a chance to be big someday. How exactly, though, does this translate into a good time? Well, take in consideration the notion that you don’t have to go out to check out some local tunes alone. Call some friends up and make it an impromptu night out.

Even though the music is what it’s all about, many local bars & music venues have made it to where

Here Best of John Mayer

It really is hard to choose which of John Mayer’s current discography warrants to be called his best since he really doesn’t have much that isn’t top notch, but I were to pick 5 songs that encapsulated the strength of his lyric writing, melody, chord structure and command of storytelling all while balance the pressures of a major label to be “listenable” without turning full cheese or hokeyness, I’d list these five in no particular order, if you think they should be ordered, let me know below.

Gravity – This may be his crowning achievement of ALL TIME. From the lyrics to the melody to the singing, almost crying guitar solo in this song, it’s a great testament to his abilities as a player, a songwriter and a singer. It’s even more amazing when you see him do it live.

In Your Atmosphere – Few artists have ever written a more easy to digest pop themed song with such intricate guitar playing. This song really bends melody in a way that makes your heart just start getting that longing feeling like you want to call your ex and say you’re sorry for everything you did.

DJ or Band for Your Wedding

You have most of the details worked out for your big day but have not yet decided if you are going to use a wedding DJ or a band at your reception. Whichever you choose can make or break the wedding reception and if it is dull or enjoyable.

What to consider

• Vibe- the type of music you pick can set the tone of the reception. People remember the wedding but they seem to remember the reception more and whether it was enjoyable or not. Think about what music genre reflect both of your personalities. The way the music is delivered will also affect the atmosphere.
• Variety-make sure that the band or the wedding DJ will play fast and slow songs and new and old tune so all of the guests will be encouraged to dance.
• Budget-a wedding DJ is less expensive but the actual cost will depend on the equipment they use and if it is on the weekend or during the weekday. The price of the band will vary by the amount of time you want them to play, what time of the year it is, day and time of

Ways to Choose the Best Subwoofer Size

Within it, one can find a moderately large driver, something that actually produces sound, and the amp that empowers it. To make the device perform in the best fashion, the driver must have some space within the cabinet behind this. On a general note, a driver of around twelve inches can be expected to have a fair size box. There are also the eight inches drivers available, but their box size is obviously a bit smaller.

Best recommended size of driver:
Box sizes are given so much importance as these play the most crucial part in generating sound. The sound waves of the bass are quite long in comparison with the conventional sound waves. Hence, the driver often has to put some added effort for generating those waves in desired volume that someone prefers in general. One can use 12 inches driver for better results, though the fifteen inch editions are preferred for high-end purposes. In fact, some subwoofers even come up with numerous drivers.

Interesting here is to mention that having a couple of drivers of six inches each, can’t really meet the level of a single twelve inch driver. Undoubtedly, a single 12 inches

News Fans Say Farewell To Popular Radio Station That Is Changing Formats

Several friends and I were discussing the demise of our favorite local radio station, which has been sold to a Christian broadcasting company. We will miss the eclectic mix of alternative rock, pop, and folk on the station, and we began to wonder what would be an appropriate last song to play before the change in format.

Here are ten tracks, all from bands who were often heard on the station, that would serve as a fitting coda.

One More Last Song by Kaiser Chiefs

This indie rock tune from Education, Education, Education and War epitomizes the station’s dedication to alternative acts.

Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now by the Smiths

Morrissey’s band, born about the same time as the station, has always been a favorite artist on it. The title sums up how many of us will feel after that final song is played.

Losing My Religion by REM

Some folks rely on spirituality for comfort, but many supporters of the station turn to the radio for that very reason. This title also makes sense in that a Bible company bought the station and will begin airing a Christian format

Information History Of The Electric Guitar

The guitar itself has been around since ancient times with minstrels strumming away on early editions of the instrument. As it was meant to be strummed, and most aren’t very loud, it doesn’t bode well if you are trying to be heard over other instruments, so those early musicians were pretty much on their own. Fast forward to the early 20th century however, and people tried to get their notes louder, amplified if you will, and some even went so far as using telephone transmitters placed inside instruments in an effort to boost the sound.

While there are many who claimed to be the ‘father of the electric guitar’ they were actually designed by those who already made the instruments and not hobbyists or someone messing around with a new design. The first one was introduced to the world in 1931 and was designed by a man named George Beauchamp. It was a one piece cast aluminum design that looked like a frying pan and it met with some success, so much so that the company went on to create other models, one called the Electro-Spanish Ken Roberts which allowed musicians a full 25″ scale with

Here Importance of a Musician’s and Music Teacher’s Social Community

Sometimes finding a quality musician, band, vocalist can be a very frustrating endeavor. Oftentimes, it is difficult to know where to locate them. Usually people have to ask around or rely on word of mouth or pin up boards in local stores or public establishments. Imagine if you had a go to site where you could find the musician of your choosing and be able to hear samples of their skills by a simple click? What if you were looking for a music instructor or a vocal coach to receive lessons and you could go to a directory of any instrument instructor of your choosing? Suppose you were a musician yourself and wanted to find a local sound technician or recording engineer to hire for an upcoming gig or recording project? Well luckily now, finding a quality musician band or local area business can be made easier than ever.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have an online directory that points you to the nearest music and voice instructors and also the nearest musicians, vocalists, bands and music related business services? Find the way. Ease your soul.

Whether you are new in town, or are searching

Tips 5 Ways to Become a Guitar God

Over the years, the musical instrument that has ruled over the masses is Guitar. From swinging and swaying along a soft rhythm, to the fast paced swag, it has caught many of us spell-bounded. We try to follow in the footsteps of our heroes like Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix, Slash or Kurt Cobain, dedicating hours of practice and hundreds of dollars to learn the art of playing guitar but more often than not we fail miserably.

It is true that there is no alternative to hard work, but one should also follow a fixed plan to make it work, so that the hard work we put in does not get wasted.
The most important thing is to get started and improve on it. These five basic tips should prove fruitful to you if you put your heart and soul in playing Guitar.

1. All that glitters is not gold holds true for most of the guitars you lay your hands on. A costly guitar doesn’t mean that it will have the most melodious of tune and best of the parts. While buying a guitar always select something with good built material, else you sound could

Info Origin and Early History of the Banjo

The banjo originated in West Africa in various forms, and was brought to America by African slaves. The earliest references to the banjo in America describe an instrument with a gourd body covered in hide or skin, a fretless neck, and strings. It was referred to by many names, including banjar, banjil, banza, bangoe, bangie, and banshaw. The word “banjo” either descends from the West African word “mbanza”, the Portuguese word “bandore,” or the Spanish word “bandurria.” There are more than 60 plucked string instruments resembling the banjo in West Africa, many of which probably influenced its development. The kora, ngoni, xalam, akonting, ubaw-akwala, and gimbri, are the West African instruments that most resemble the banjo. Below is a video of Ekona Diatta playing the akonting.

Early sources describe the banjo as being played mainly by slaves, but also the “lower classes,” which means it was probably picked up by white indentured servants who worked in close quarters with slaves in the 18th century.

The banjo rose to popularity in the 1830’s, largely because of its connection to minstrel shows. Blackface actors began appearing on stage in the late 18th century. Minstrel shows acted as

This 3 Common Myths About Achieving Musical Greatness

Achieving musical greatness becomes impossible when you follow the (false) conventional wisdom that many musicians believe in. Avoid these 3 common myths to get on the right path towards becoming a great musician:

Myth #1. You Must Be Talented To Become A Great Musician

False: musical greatness is simply a byproduct of mastering musical skills and integrating them together. People who have natural talent were not born talented. They figured out on their own how to master the right skills to become good musicians.

Not having “natural talent” doesn’t mean it’s impossible to become great. Fact is, many of the greatest musicians began with no talent whatsoever. Everyone has the potential to learn the correct musical skills for achieving greatness by working with an excellent teacher.

Myth #2. Musical Greatness Is The Same As Originality

Greatness is simply the ability to express what you want to express accurately and effortlessly. Your expression does not have to be original. For example, a virtuoso pianist who only plays Classical music composed by other musicians. You can also be original without really expressing yourself (if you lack the skills needed to do so).


Here Popular Songs Featuring The Voices Of Children

Spring is a popular season for many events, including festivals at local school districts throughout the United States. Perhaps the least appreciated, save for doting parents and grandparents, are the annual performances of various children’s choirs.

Generally, people enjoy the spontaneous singing of children more than an organized performance weakened under the supervision of adults. The presence of grown ups tends to drain the carefree joyousness of children singing while they play, a big reason few children’s songs have ever become enduring hits.

Nevertheless, some children’s voices are heard on some popular records, including one from a number album that also won several Grammy awards. In that particular case, the child can be heard crying rather than singing.

No one would expect that hit to come from Alice Cooper and, indeed, it was not from that ghoulish hard rocker who made Welcome To My Nightmare. Yet Alice Cooper does own the distinction of including more children’s voices in his discography than any other artist in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

His first instance of including the voices of children came, quite appropriately, on his the hit title track from his School’s

How To Find Top Show Bands For Your Event

The best show bands have agents, and you’ll have to work with an agent to get the best, and the right entertainment option for your event. It isn’t difficult to work with an agent, most are nice people, and ready to do what you need done, in fact… most will go the extra distance to be certain your have the best possible band at the best price.

But, there are three simple ways to find the top show band for your event that you need to know. So, let’s reveal those right now:

1 – Google Search Keyword Phrases

In these days of high technology, Google really is one of the best methods of locating what you want. And, as they say… If it ain’t online, don’t buy it! Google has figured out what people want and how to put it in front of you on their search engine, but you’ll need to know what to look for. Keyword phrases that help guide the search engine to your preferences are often primed by agents who speak better BAND than they speak customer. So, think like the band instead of the customer. Look for names

Choose A Between Individual Pedals or a Multi-Effects Unit

Imagine you are a young guitar player sitting in your bedroom at home and playing your favorite songs. As you play more, you begin to hear how the music you play is crafted, and you seek to find out how certain sounds are created. Sometimes it’s a percussive element that involves attacking the strings in a unique way with either a pick or your fingertips (or fingernails, but that’s another discussion).

Other times, though, you find there are sounds that add to the music in such a way that the addition is clearly manmade, but their impact is astounding. Unable to rest, you hop online & see your favorite guitarist jamming away, but there is obviously something going on at their feet. Suddenly, realize that they are stepping on various buttons that help in the creation of the sounds you found so awe-inspiring. You now know that whatever it is he/she is stepping on, you need to own the same equipment.

Such is one possible foray into the world of effects for guitarists. Not satisfied with the basic function of connecting their instrument to an amplifier, guitarists have sought to manipulate their guitar signal to

Tips for Guitar Practice And Become A Better Guitarist Fast

Believe that you can’t achieve your guitar playing goals due to a lack of available practice time or limited knowledge for how to move your playing forward? I’ve got some good news for you. You can very quickly achieve your guitar playing goals – you just need to understand exactly how to make your practice time extremely effective.

After helping thousands of guitar students over the years get results in their playing, I found that guitarists often use their practice time very ineffectively. By wasting so much practice time, you drastically prolong the time it takes to reach your musical goals. Once you are able to get results from every single second of guitar practice, your progress will skyrocket.

Here are the four guitar practicing habits you need to correct in order to make faster progress:

1. Practicing Some Items Too Much And Others Too Little

This mistake is commonly made because of the following:

1. Improperly managed Guitar Practicing Time. A lot of guitar players figure that all they must do is practice everything for an equal amount of time. This is incorrect. Truth is: not all musical skills need to

The Beethoven’s Classical Music Analysis

If contrast were his intent, then Beethoven is at his most successful-the three movements of the “Moonlight” sonata could hardly differ more. But while they hold little in common character-wise, they maintain a poetic coherence though the drama their contrast creates. A dialogue emerges between them that examines something deeper than just the forms of a sonata or the tonal varieties of C# minor. What is expressed evokes the sense of something human, a sense of suffering, or toil, perhaps, against some nebulous darkness.

The slow first movement establishes this intense feeling of pathos. The grim persistence of the bass, three notes repeated again and again, gives an impression of emptiness and of stasis. It seems inescapable, heavy, almost mournful. It weighs down, and in its constancy it calls attention to the silence in the melody. Arising from it though, a single, tentative voice asserts its presence, as if asking a question-the silence that follows though only reinforces the sense of emptiness. The voice seems to speak of loneliness and confinement, of bleakness and sorrow, but at times a soft, hopeful glimmer surfaces, as if longing for something more, or better, or different. As the movement

Queen Board Game Could Inspire Other Bands For Create A Similar Products

The most famous board game in the world has been in the news recently, though for two completely different reasons. The first occasion regarded the announcement that the company had decided to change some of the game pieces.

In the new edition the set will be sold without the boot, wheelbarrow, and thimble, three of the traditional game pieces. In their place will be a penguin, a rubber ducky, and a Tyrannosaurus Rex.

A few days later, the game made news in the music world. The band who once was deemed as more popular than The Beatles, Queen, has created a similar board game base on their career.

The design traces the different stages of Queen’s history, starting from their formation in the late sixties through the death of front man Freddie Mercury in 1996. The game pieces also reflect the band’s career, starting with a hammer that represents the single “Hammer To Fall” from the album called The Works. Other pieces include Brian May’s unique guitar, the robot from the cover of the News of the World album, a vacuum cleaner that recalls the classic video for “I Want To Break Free” and

Finding Your Own Voice As A Musician

It can be argued that the most frustrating experience that an up and coming musician can have is being able to define their signature sound/voice. After all, you are just one piece, a cog, in the machine that is the world of music through the ages. No matter how much knowledge you acquire or how much time to invest in fine-tuning your craft, you sometimes you feel as though it’s all for nothing at all. A parallel, in terms of artistic frustration, would be that of writer’s block.

If there is one thing a musician must do in their journey to find his/her voice is that they need to separate the idea of stardom from doing it for the love of music. Musicians are always striving to achieve some level of success while being artistic, and this is dicey territory. One might say that being artistic and expressing one’s self through their music is ‘enough’, but that doesn’t pay the bills. Even if a musician is able to readily share their art with the world, they find that the reception of said art isn’t what they thought it might be. Validation as a musician can be